Volunteer with us

You are invited to get involved with POWNIA in the capacity of a volunteer as a trainer, facilitator and more. We are also looking for people to join our wonderful team of volunteers both local and international to help at our events.

Fundraise for POWNIA

There are numerous ways to fund-raise for POWNIA “making a difference while having fun”. You can organize a fundraiser for POWNIA from indoor to outdoor events.

Social Network Participation

Please like, share and invite friends and family members to like our page on facebook. Follow us on twitter and add us to your friend list. Watch our videos on youtube and share.

Promote Our Work

Be your sister’s keeper; put a smile on a sister’s face! You can attend our events and also give talks in gatherings about Pillars of Women Network in Africa’s work.

Take Action

Are you in a position to empower a woman economically by sponsoring a trade, or do you have institutions that provide skills training, such as hair dressing, jewellery making, catering/hotel management, cloth making, basket weaving, event decoration, agriculture or any other skills. Can you help our women stand on their own feet and be self sufficient? Please join our cause to combat poverty.

POWNIA’s Storehouse

You can make physical donations of disposable & reusable sanitary pads, underwear’s, shoes, hand wash soaps, non perishable items to our store house in Nairobi Kenya, in support of school going girls, widows and single mothers in need.

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