Millions of girls around the world are denied access to education. Poverty, early marriage, discrimination, poor menstrual hygiene amongst others are barriers that prevents many girls from getting quality education. One of our aim in Pillars of Women Network is to contribute to closing the gender gap in education and to achieve this, we design and implement gender focus projects. Among such initiatives are our “Give me a 2nd chance” program which help girls who drop out of school get back into the educational system using a need-based approach. We work with men to encourage them to challenge deep-rooted discriminatory norms that prevent girls from going to school. We partner with Organizations, Churches, Individual well wishers on a program dubbed “Sanitary Pads Giveaway Challenge” that mobilizes Pads & Underwear’s for girls from disadvantaged background to keep them in school during their menstrual cycle. We also educate the public on the importance of girl’s education by raising awareness on our social platforms.


We at Pillars of Women Network in Africa believe that investing in young women and adolescent girl’s leadership is crucial to social change now and for the future. POWNIA affirms the importance of young women and girls’ leadership. We work with partners and youths to encourage the leadership development of young women and adolescent girls through inclusive, culturally sensitive and rights-based leadership programs.

Our leadership development strategy includes

  • Leadership training
  • Regional and global events
  • Creating a safe physical space (school clubs) where young women and adolescent girls can meet to discuss both personal and societal issues that concerns them
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Social media forums designed to provide support and information network for young women leaders.

Girls Arise Leadership Development Forum

Conferences/seminars/workshops/regional and global event topics are carefully chosen to create passion, build self-esteem and confidence in young women and girls, not only to make positive changes in their lives, but also to inspire them to be a part of the solution that creates lasting impact in their communities and the world at large. Our learning topics explore issues from leadership skills, human rights, to body image, violence against women and girls.

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