Most adolescent girls particularly from rural areas generally do not have accurate information about Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights manifested through high incidences of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS. Incidence of HIV occurs at a younger age in females than males. Traditionally, girls are expected to be less knowledgeable about their sexuality and to have limited control of their body and sexual life.

Menstrual Hygiene, health & management is an area that has been neglected in the society and that’s why many women are facing barrenness today! Parents do not talk to their girls on what to do and not to do when menstruating. The society has taken the subject on periods and puberty as a taboo or a contagious disease. POWNIA works to in partnership with Reproductive Health educators to bring awareness, increase access to essential reproductive health information, rights and utilization of Reproductive health services among adolescent girls & Women. This will ensure that girls and young women are well aware of their rights and be able to demand it from the duty bearer.

Communication for social change through workshops and advocating abstinence in sex, early marriages among adolescent girls are the two strategies POWNIA has adopted to prevent HIV transmission.

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