We are committed to contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals


What We Do

Our community-based action oriented programs are focused around strengthening the capacity of women and girls to enable them champion their own path to sustainable development and socially impact on their communities. Our services are offered to our target groups irrespective of their race, ethnicity or religious affiliation.


Give Me a 2nd Chance

Our #GiveMeA2ndChance” project aims to close the gender gap in education by helping girls who dropped out of school due to child marriage or teenage pregnancy get back into the educational system.

Leading By Example

“LEADING BY EXAMPLE is a leadership initiative designed to support the development of young women and adolescent girl’s leadership skills, to assist them have greater influence over their lives and participate effectively in leadership process at local and national level on issues that concerns them. The program aims to raise the next generation of female impact leaders through educative programs participants on global development issues, particularly gender equality.

Support a Sister

An economic empowerment program designed to improve self-employment opportunities for marginalized women from rural areas in Kenya to start up and grow their small/medium businesses through skill training, micro-finance, mentoring and support networks.

Men Do Care

Engages and empowers men and boys as allies to challenge actions and societal norms that leads to violence against women and girls using a holistic approach.

Hope for Life

The program creates a space for women to stimulate dialogue which reveals issues that concerns them on both personal and societal level. It is a platform where women are equipped with necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to build resilience for growth. This forum also provides the opportunity for women to share practical solutions that helps strengthen their capacity, through shared lived experience. The program focuses on identifying barriers that affects women and girls in society and the removal of these barriers, especially violence against women and girls.

Sanitary Pads Giveaway Challenge

We partner with Organizations, Churches, Individual well wishers on a program dubbed “Sanitary Pads Giveaway Challenge” that mobilizes Pads & Underwear’s for girls from disadvantaged background to keep them in school during their menstrual cycle.


We focus on women because, in our world today, and has it has always been the trend, women play a huge role in meeting basic family needs yet they have limited access to necessary resources, information and freedom of action required to meet this overwhelming responsibilities.


  • Research has proven that the vast majority of the world’s poor are women, two-third of the world’s illiterates are female and the most affected by abuse of any type are women.
  • Some estimates show women represent 70% of the world’s poor with statistics indicating that women are more likely than men to be poor and at risk of hunger especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
  • Equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help their families and communities escape poverty.
  • Studies have shown that women play an active and vital role in any society, as they are the major pillars behind the nurturing of both current and future generations.
  • When women are empowered, societies have healthier families and an increase in family income which in turn leads to increase in societal revenue and poverty reduction.

To effectively advance the interest of the women and girls we serve, we work in partnership with locally based organizations in the regions we operate.

Our Focus Areas

  • Menstrual Supplies for Women & Girls
  • Girls’ Education
  • Violence against Women and Girls
  • Health, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Economic Empowerment

Initiatives for Attaining Lasting Change

  • Training and Capacity Building Programs
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Education and Leadership Development Programs
  • Communication and Advocacy


In order to gain insight and extract lessons learnt for the purpose of possible replication and up-scaling in terms of subsequent projects that Pillars of Women Network in Africa will be involved in, we have committed ourselves to monitor and evaluate the implementation of all our proposed projects and programs. The impact our initiatives, programs and projects have on the life’s of the beneficiaries in terms of economic empowerment, labour market prospects, leadership participation level and reduction of gender-based violence. Since conception Pillars of Women Network has empowered over 2,500 women and girls directly and through our partners in Kajiado, Machakos, Nairobi and Samburu Counties.

Most of the women and girls we serve have shared their success stories with us; inspiring stories of how our projects and programs have made a difference in their lives. Our entrepreneurship training and micro finance award beneficiaries have found hope and economic opportunities to strengthen themselves, their families, and communities. Through our NEST CLUB Leadership program, young women and adolescent girls have gained confidence to make informed decisions about themselves and are motivated to participate in leadership role in their schools and also effect positive change in their communities.

We place great value on realistic accountability to our stakeholders; our donors, clients, members, supporters, volunteers and to ourselves as a learning organization. By monitoring our progress and evaluating our achievements against intended outcomes; we can make adjustments on our current work, learn from experience and build upon successes. Being inspired by the success stories of our program participants, we seek to continually improve the impact our program has on the women and girls we serve. We will do this by improving our monitoring and control system to ensure that the progress of the organization’s projects/programs continue to be effectively measured and our programs make an immense difference in the lives of beneficiaries.

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